10 Best Places to Visit in Nepal on Visit Nepal 2022

Nepal is the beautiful country of Himalayas and the birthplace of lord buddha. Millions of tourists come to visit Nepal every year. So, for their easiness, I am going to write and recommend the best places to visit in Nepal. Even if you are coming with a small budget, you can easily stay and visit the below-listed places.

Even though Nepal is a small country by area and population, it has a huge diversity of culture and tradition. We are very near to the sea level and we have the highest peak in the world as well. Not only culturally, but Nepal is also a socially rich country.

As I said before our country is small and we have only one International Airport Tribhuvan International Airport. (Few others are under construction). So, if you are coming from any other country rather than India, Bhutan, Bangladesh you need to come to the capital city Kathmandu first.

There are various other entry points for the above-listed countries. Please check more and detailed information about the visa process and entry procedure.

So, let’s start with the list of highly recommended and best places to visit in Nepal.


Kathmandu is the capital city and there are a plethora of places you need to visit. It is a valley and you can easily travel within the valley via public bus, taxi, and ride-sharing type.

Best Places to Visit in Nepal
Kathmandu in Night (Photo: Simon Poudel)

At first, find the hotels to stay. The preferred location for the foreigner is Thamel. However, some tourists love to stay around Patan as well as the Bouddha area. If you want to enjoy the nightlife, bars, pubs, and clubs, stay in Thamel. I will write some best and recommended hotels to stay in Kathmandu soon. 🙂

Within Kathmandu, you can get a variety of places to visit and enjoy. Let’s start,

  • Pashupatinath: This is the holy sanctum for Hindu devotees. Non-Hindus are not allowed to enter the core area of Template. However, they can visit the other surrounding places and can see how Hindus believe in god. Moreover, you can see the funeral method of Nepalese people there. Photography is allowed there. You need to pay 1000 Nrs as an entry ticket.
  • Bouddha Stupa: Nepal is the birthplace of Lord Buddha. So we have lots of stupas within Kathmandu. This is also the recommended place to visit in Kathmandu. I will share more about the birthplace of Lord Buddha Lumbini later below.
  • Swayambhunath Stupa: This is another Stupa in Kathmandu. If you follow Buddism, it is highly recommended to visit. You can see the entire valley from this place. Go there and see how Kathmandu looks like.
  • Narayanhiti Palace Museum: Do you know the history of Nepalese monarchy? If yes, you need to visit this place. This place is the Royal Palace and later converted to Museum when Nepal change its status from monarchy to republic country. You can see how the royal families were staying there, about the royal massacre, living standard, etc.
  • Darbar Squares: We have three different Darbar square scattered three different places of Kathmandu. Kathmandu Darbar Square, Patan Darbar Square, and Bhaktapur Darbar Square. I would like to recommend to visit all these three places. Personally I love to be in Bhaktapur Darbar Square.
  • Shivapuri Wildlife Reserve(Hiking): The major part of the valley is surrounded by this wildlife reserve. It is really stunning and can enjoy a pleasant time there just a few KM away from the core part of the city. In addition to that, you can enjoy the best Hiking trail within there. Some popular hiking trails are, Sundarijal – Chisapani, Budanikantha – Bagdwar, Chisapani – Budanilakantha. It is fairly amazing and elegantly beautiful. I am sure, you will love it. Try at least once.
  • Chandragiri Hills: This is also one of the best travel destinations in Kathmandu. You can reach there via Cable Car or by Walk. This is also the best hiking route. Cable Car price is quite expensive for foreigners in comparison to Nepalese. It is in high altitude, you will always feel cold there.
Best Places to Visit in Nepal Chandragiri
Photo Credit: Bijay Yadav

In addition to that, there are some other monasteries and temples you love to visit. Fulhari Gumba, Namobuddha, Kapan Gumba are the best places to visit. Not only that, but you can also visit Asan Bazar, Thamel area, Patan area, etc.

Best Places to Visit in Nepal Fulahari Gumba
Fulhari Gumba Kathmandu

Do you need any suggestions or guidance while traveling? Please comment below. I will try to guide you with the best methods and help to prepare the plan as well.


After the capital city Kathmandu, Pokhara is another destination to visit in Nepal. The best place to say in Pokhara is lakeside. You can enjoy your holiday time even more in Pokhara. Pokhara is a really beautiful city and the adventure activities you can found in Pokhara are the added ingredients.

Before moving to Pokhara, find the hotel and book first. Take a public bus or flight from Kathmandu. If you want to see nature, hills and the Nepalese lifestyle, I suggest you take the bus rather than the Plane.

Best Places to Visit in Nepal Pokhara Fewa Lake
Fewa Lake Pokhara

There are so many places to visit and do in Pokhara. They are,

  • Fewa Lake: The most beautiful part of the Pokhara is Fewa Lake. It is a very big and beautiful lake. You can do boating and enjoy your time.
  • David Falls: This is another place to visit in Pokhara.
  • Mahendra Cave: A natural cave where you can experience the best part of your adventure life. Enter from one end of the cave and get out from the other part. It is really awesome.
  • Bat Cave: Inside this cave, you can see thousands of Bat hanging on the topmost part of the cave. It is even more dangerous to pass rather than Mahendra Cave. Be alert while walking inside it, it is slippery.
  • International Mountain Museum: If you are planning to climb mountains or want to make the ideas of mountaineering, you need to visit this place.
  • Sarangkot: Do you want to see the mountains even close? Then, do visit Sarangkot and see the beauty of the mountains. You can also enjoy the sunrise from there.

For nightlife, you can get lots of clubs, bars, live music, pubs and restaurants in Pokhara.

There are tons of activities you can do in Pokhara.

  • Paragliding
  • Sky Diving
  • Hot Air Ballon
  • Mountain Flight
  • Bungee Jump
  • Mountain Biking
  • Microlight Flight
  • Zip Flying, etc.


I guess you probably heard about Mustang and Muktinath Temple. If not, I recommend you to visit this place well. It is one day away from Pokhara and you can hire Motorbike or can use public vehicles to go there.

Best Places to Visit in Nepal Mustang Nepal
Mountain of Nepal

Ask in your hotel information desk to know the weather condition, season to travel, etc. You will see the stunning view of the Himalayas on that trail.


Lumbini is the birthplace of lord buddha. You can see the various monuments, monasteries and a museum in that area. Different countries made their own monasteries and they are absolutely beautiful.

Best Places to Visit in Nepal Lumbini Nepal
Photo Credit: Pixabay

This area is quite hot in the summer., however, the beauty will overlap your tiredness easily. You can get different hotels to stay and get a chance to taste local food as well.

is quite hot in the summer., however, the beauty will overlap your tiredness easily. You can get different hotels to stay and get a chance to taste local food as well.

Places to visit in Lumbini

  • Maya Devi Temple
  • World Peace Pagoda
  • Vietnam Temple
  • Myanmar Temple
  • Ashoka Pillar

All the places are inside a single compound, so you can visit other places if you can manage the time. Each and every monastery are equally mesmerizing.

Chitwan National Park

Are you excited to see one horn Rhino and Elephant breeding? Then Chitwan National Park is the recommended place to visit in Nepal. Moreover, you can do Jungle safari via taxi or Elephant ride.

Best Places to Visit in Nepal
Photo Credit: Pxhere

The place is really good to spend a couple of days, where you can see different birds, various wildlife animals, crocodiles, and many more.

Activities to do in Chitwan

  • National Park Jungle Safari
  • Elephant Bathing
  • Tharu Culture Dance

Annapurna Circuit

This one is the popular circuit in Nepal for the foreigners. It takes up to 15 days to complete the whole circuit. You need to practice some time for hiking and trekking before starting it. You can get a lot of information in Pokhara about this.

Best Places to Visit in Nepal
Photo Credit: Pixabay

Before making a plan, you need to understand the season whether the season is perfect or not. Otherwise, you will face snow slide and it is highly risky to do that.

If you are really excited to go there and have any queries, drop your comment below, I will try to solve your queries.

Everest Base Camp

Mount Everest also is known as Sagarmatha is the highest peak in the world with 8848 Meters tall. Yearly hundreds of climbers climb Mount Everest and reach to the top. But climbing Mount Everest is a really tough thing. Both physically and financially.

I usually get lots of queries about, “Have you ever climb Everest”? No, it’s not so simple to climb, however, you can reach up to Everest Base Camp and enjoy it there. If you are really interested to go there but have limited time, you can hire a Helicopter as well.

Pathivara Mandir Taplejung

After visiting the mid and western part of Nepal, now let’s move towards the eastern part of it. Pathivara Mandir lies in the northeastern part of Nepal in the Taplejung district. This is the popular holy place for Hindus. Yearly thousands of visitors visit and worship lord Durga.

This place is mostly famous for Indian tourists. But non-Hindu also visit there for hiking, trekking and to see the beauty of Himalayas Kanchanjanga. Furthermore, you can see the good range of the Himalayas from there.

You need to walk around 5-6 hours to reach the top from the bus stand. Moreover, you will not get any shops on the route, so carry food and water with you.

Don’t forget to enjoy the beauty of Illam while traveling towards Pathivara.


This is a beautiful city in Eastern Nepal. It lies in between the plane terai and high hills.

Places to visit in Dharan

  • Flower Bridge
  • Budasubba Temple
  • Dantakali Temple
  • Panchakanya Temple
  • Pindeshwor Temple
  • BPKIHS Hospital
  • Hariyali Park
  • Hattisar Campus

Moreover, you can find the best hiking trail for Shiva Jhatta and Bishnupaduka near Dharan.

Hile and Dhankuta

These places are also the best place to relax and enjoy. If you travel a few kilometers from the hot Terai, you can feel the extreme cold there. 🙂 This is the beauty and diversity of Nepal.

Get public vehicles from the beautiful city Dharan and enjoy the night time with tungba and sukuti.


In my country Nepal, there are lots of other places to visit. Like Kalinchock, Bandipur, Rara Lake, Khaptdad Valley are other best places to visit.

Prepare for at least one month’s schedule for Nepal on this year 2022 and get an amazing experience with the Himalayas, mountains, plane terai, wild animals, homestay and many more.

I believe that, you will take care about your health and avoid crowds during your travel. As the world is suffering from Covid 19, we need to be alert and make ourself safe.

Welcome to Nepal! Happy Visiting! Happy Exploring!!!

Comment below if you need any help during your visit here in Nepal. I love to help you.

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