Kalinchowk Diaries – The WILD mountains and CRAZY we

To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries. As it’s a winter time the snow falls in some of the places near Kathmandu valley like in Kalinchowk, Phulchowki, Lugu but Kalinchowk has become a trend these days. So, I along with my friends made a road trip to Kalinchowk. Charikot, headquarter of Dolakha is about 132 km from Kathmandu and Kalinchowk is about 18 km from Charikot. So, the total distance to travel is 150 km.

We reserved a vehicle to reach Kuri from where the Kalinchowk Bhagwati Temple is at an altitude of 3800 m from sea level is nearby. We can see the beautiful sunrise and a view from the temple.

We started our trip moving towards east from Sukhedhara, Kathmandu at 7:30 AM crossing the Manohara River reached Khadichaur. Then the vehicle went up to the hill to Mude and then to Charikot. We had out breakfast and lunch on the way and reached Kuri at 4 PM. We were having fun on the way singing a song, looking the view. We all were very excited to reach our destination.
After we reach the Kuri we had fun on the snow. It was the first experience of ours playing with the snow.
After a while we have to reach hotel for our stay. Due to the off and muddy route the vehicle can’t reach there. So, we moved forward walking half an hour distance to Kuri Bazar and stayed in the hotel which we had booked a day before our trip. We had fun and ate our dinner and went for sleep. As we were planning for going Kalinchowk Bhagwati Temple early in the morning which is 1 hour hike from the Kuri Bazar.

The next morning we started our hike to temple at 5:30 AM. Reached there saw the beautiful sunrise. The view from the Temple was really amazing one. We took blessing from god, captured the movement and returned back to hotel. We were back to hotel by 8 AM. Again we ate breakfast and came back to the place where our vehicle were kept.

While returning back we had another plan going Dolakha Bhimsen Temple so, without wasting a time started our journey. We reached the temple took the blessing and had our lunch at Charikot. After having lunch it was 2 o’clock so we again started our trip returning back to our destination. It was 8 PM when we reached back to our destination.

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