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Welcome to Nepal – Visit Nepal 2020 is ready for the hospitality

“Heaven is a myth; Nepal is real”. You’ll not believe this phrase and I don’t want you to believe it either. To believe this you have to experience heavenly Nepal yourself and here I welcome you all to heaven on Earth, my Home, my Place, my Pride, my Nepal.

Namaste! Welcome to Nepal. #visitnepal2020.

You probably heard about my country’s beauty, culture, tradition, and religion. Because Nepal is popular in these things. Besides that, we have high hills, mountains, and plane terai too. In addition to that, we have a huge diversity of climate and weather.

If you are a traveler and looking for the next destination, then Nepal is hosing visit Nepal 2020 from January 1st and you will get ample of exciting things to do here in Nepal. So, get your passport and ticket ready and fly to Nepal. If you had been in Nepal already, you might be thinking, “Once is not enough”.

visit nepal 2020
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There are many places to visit in Nepal. Nepal is a perfect place for mountaineering because we have 8 out of 10 highest Himalayas. Besides that, we have an awesome trail for hiking and trekking. Annapurna trail is the world-renowned and famous trail for hiking.

Nepal is the land of Lord Buddha. We have hundreds of monasteries and birthplace of Lord Buddha; Lumbini. In this bright time and year, you can explore the hidden part and beauty of Lumbini and Maya Devi temple too. Then why not in 2020?

Do you love nature and wild animals? We have national parks, wildlife reserves, and conservation areas. You can enjoy the time in nature, spend time with wildlife animals and birds too.

Not only for solo travel, but Nepal is also an awesome destination for family trips too. Once I talked with one US citizen, he said, “I will come to Nepal again with my family because Nepal is the best destination I have ever traveled for the family vacation”. So, manage your family time, combine the vacation and do visit Nepal.

Have you ever experienced Bungee Jump? Nepal is a popular destination for it and we have the world’s second-highest Bungee Jump and it is affordable too. Moreover, we have so many adventurous activities like skydiving, paragliding, ZIP flying, mountain flight, etc. Nepal is full of nature, so don’t stay with the artificial world, come and see natural beauty.

Wrapping Up

Make your plan, include Nepal in your list and try to visit Nepal within 2020. All the hotels, travel companies, resorts are offering up to 30% discount on their packages and services. This time will be a perfect time and you will get the biggest hospitality this year.

Contact me or comment below if you need any guidelines, help or ideas to visit Nepal. I will provide you the detailed instructions and money saving techniques as well.

Keep Visiting, Keep Exploring! Visit Nepal 2020!

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