A Trip to Remember – Gorkha & Bandipur

It was all of sudden plan of 5 of us to go for weekend on Shivaratri. As we all know that the well prepared plan does not work so the sudden things that occur on life comes with the great memories and a lot of experience. The trip begins on almost 1 pm.  We take a micro bus from bus park to go for the our first destination i.e. GORKHA where the pride of every Nepalese people is located, from where the unification campaign get Enlighted.

We crazy 5 of us took a bus and went to Gorkha. It was around 5’0 clock when we to reach to Gorkha .It was not so small city as we expected. At that night we decided to look around the local market of Gorkha and make an evening worthwhile whereas some of our friend was so concern about the lodge and dinner. That night we just take a round of the local market of Gorkha and take a Hotel .But we were so unlucky that we were unable to get the room but finally at last we get a hotel and take room. The best part of 1st night was the Candle light dinner on the roof by watching the beautiful Gorkha City On the auspicious day of Shivaratri.

The second morning we were supposed to be on Gorkha Durbar by 7’0 clock but we were so tired we wake up at 7. We checkout from hotel on 7:30 and we were ready to visit the Gorkha Durbar. It took about 1 hour the reach the Upper Gorkha Durbar from the city area. The one hour walk was so tiring because we were not used to walk in straight on stairs. On the way to Gorkha Durbar we saw the statute of King Ram Shah whose saying is still on every Nepalese tongue “न्याय नपाए गोर्खा जानु

After that we see the Gorkha Durbar which was located on the top of Hill. There was a small temple and some of basic kitchen utensils which was used by King Prithivi Narayan Shah. The periphery of the Gorkha Durbar was amazing. After that at 9:30 am we reached to Gorkha Durbar Museum. We decide to visit as faster as possible so that we can visit to Bandipur. Gorkha Durbar Museum was also an interesting place to know more about our ancestors and knew the bravery of Shah Dynasty. It was already 11 o’clock so after completion of Gorkha visit we had take a lunch and went for our second destination.

The second destination was Siddha Cave locate on the way to pokhara  i.e. BIimalnagar. We reached there at 12:30 and again we were so shocked by looking the stair that we need to go through to reach at the point of cave. We left our bags on the downside of village so that we can walk easily. It take us almost 45 minutes to reach the destination. And luckily when we enter to cave all our restlessness was gone because of the cave. The cave gives a cathedral feel with walls of the cave gone rough with age. One gets astonished to see millions of bats in the cave flying across you and a few hanging upside, little afraid to see a strange face.  The best part was inside the cave our guide said us to switching off the light and not to speak. We do the same as the guide said to us .It was so pleasant experience for us. The realization 1 minute of true silence cannot be expressed by word.

It take 20 minutes to come down from those stairs “LUCKY WE”.  After this we planned to go for Bandipur and let’s reach back to Kathmandu at 4 to 5’0 clock morning.


We take a car to go bandipur. And I must say Bandipur is the “place where heaven” exists. Now again it’s time for uphill climbing but because of the environment and the weather. We go up to the tower and it was so peaceful to be on that place. We can feel the true great air passing through us. Some of our friends decided to do meditation and feel the environment. The street of Bandipur was so amazing.

After that we decide to return to the Dumre by foot because we have plenty of time so we all want to utilize the time and challenge the weather. I must say that was best walk of mine till date. Though we all don’t have energy to take a step but we all were so happy and relaxed that we enjoyed that time.

It was almost 8:30pm and luckily we get a bus and decided to reach back to Kathmandu.


The journey becomes more interesting when you have perfect people around with whom you are comfortable and who respect and believe in your decision .The journey was just perfect. I personally don’t have any regrets or complaints with anyone or anything that happens on the journey. Everything resides on my memory always.

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