For the First time a desire came to my mind to make a WEBSITE

I was just wondering how to do with a hollow mind

I searched for all the options but didn’t got a perfect choice


I was said that you have to play with unknown codes

I was in a dilemma from where to start and even don’t dare to start too

Controlling all desire and emotions


And now the desires are going to be fulfilled

I met a friend as a portrait of angel, ready to help

Mind has become like a feather, flying without any obstacles


I got a call from my friend and showed his laptop filled with my dreams

I was too much happy and for the first time

I let my heart to fly like a bird


I returned to room and start playing with my laptop and start the process with a bit fear too

I was said not to be panic because he was there

Now my eyes are staring at WordPress


I was overwhelmed and start to search and finally loved WordPress

It is sure that I can learn many things


Google has become my close friend, whom I can ask anything without any hesitation

To post on WordPress Nepal has become easier to me

I cannot explain how helpful the member are, like a family


A desire came to share the past memories

I was just wondering where the place is to meet

And came to know WordCamp is a place and booked a ticket without any hesitation

Now, I am here and want to give a lot of thanks to WordPress

You made life easier, economically and mentally

I will give and take too from WordPress and this is the goal of my life.

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