How to contribute to Twenty Twenty-One? WordPress’s Upcoming Default Theme

The new default theme for WordPress named Twenty Twenty-one is going to release with WordPress version 5.6. It is going to be a blank canvas for block editor. Personally, I am so much excited about it. If you are looking for how to contribute to Twenty Twenty-One, here I am going to give you some basic tips.

WordPress Default Theme Twenty Twenty One

Mel Choyce-Dwan is the lead of this theme development along with all other contributors. You can also be the part of Twenty Twenty-One as a contributor.

The released date of WordPress 5.6 is estimated for December 8, 2020. Before that, there are various things that we need to do for this default WordPress theme.

If you want to get involved and contribute to Twenty Twenty-One, you can start from GitHub. Theme development will happen in GitHub, thus you can check the status over there and start contributing.

After the theme will be stable, it will be merged on WordPress core and the GitHub repo will be depreciated.

There are various ways that you can contribute. Even if you are not developer and want to contribute, there is a way.

Areas that you can contribute to Twenty Twenty-One

  • You can simply clone the GitHub repo and start testing the theme and make the issues on the GitHub
  • If you can write the patches, you can do that as well
  • Those who are good at writing can help by improving inline documentation.

There might be various other methods to contribute. You can join #core channel of WordPress slack and attend the meeting or ask there.

The development of Twenty Twenty-One is already started and there is already 21 active contributors. And next can be you.

WordPress is all about contribution. Thus, if you are WordPress developer, users or marketers, you can contribute to WordPress and make WordPress even stronger.

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions or suggestions.

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