Sandilya Kafle – In the Role Brand Ambassador of weDevs Nepal Chapter

July 11, on the day of my birthday, I got appointed as a brand ambassador of weDevs. That was one of the most beautiful gifts I ever received on my birthday.

Brand Ambassador of weDevs

After some meetings with the community relations manager and founders, I got selected as the first brand ambassador of weDevs.

weDevs is a Bangladesh based company and focused on making WordPress plugins and WordPress SAAS products. Dokan – Multivendor WooCommerce extension is the popular plugin by weDevs and more than 50K websites are using it.

Dokan Multivendor WooCommerce Addons by weDevs

Besides Dokan, there are also some popular WordPress plugins by weDevs. They are WP Project Manager, Appsero, weMail, WP ERP and many more. All the products are awesome and useful.

I am from Nepal and I am the representative or we can say brand ambassador of weDevs for Nepal. So, if you are reading this post and have any questions about the weDevs, feel free to comment below or reach me via email,

It is awesome to be a part weDevs as a brand ambassador. This opportunity will uplift me to understand the business ideas, promotion, and marketing of the products.

Besides that, I can also provide a direct connection with the developers of the products you are using.

You can contact me if you have the following things or ideas:

  • If you want to buy weDevs products. I will have an exclusive coupon and discount for you.
  • When you have any trouble while using products and the support is not responding to you on time.
  • You are having a problem buying the products because of the payment gateway? I will have some best ideas. Ping me.
  • Any pre-sales query? Email me.

Moreover, If you are running a company or agency then you can contact me for the following things:

  • Want to collaborate with weDevs products or services.
  • If you are an agency and want to do the custom work on the behalf of weDevs.
  • For theme developers, if you want to make themes they are compatible with weDevs products and need any development ideas or help.
  • Those who want to make themes or plugins and want to sell but having difficulty for licensing or payment gateway problems.
  • Do you want to earn from affiliates of weDevs and looking for ideas on how to get started?

Besides that, you can contact me if you have any better ideas for collaboration. I am always here to listen to you for making a win-win situation for both parties.

Besides, that, are you a community member and looking for help to run meetups and workshops? We can arrange you some tools, swags, or fund to do the meetups, WordCamps, or workshops. You can email me with the details of the program and the help you need.

Furthermore, as a WordPress theme developer and one of the reps of the themes team on the official WordPress repository, I can share ideas and give training related to WordPress. Thus, you can contact me for such training, seminars of workshops too.

Let’s do more IT-related stuff here in Nepal and promote the area of ICT business. I am here for it. For college management, who run IT programs, they might need IT experts to motivate their students. If you are looking for such IT entrepreneurs to conduct seminars or events, I can help to manage the mentors for you as well.

Feel free to comment below or contact me directly. You can also follow me on Twitter.

9 responses to “Sandilya Kafle – In the Role Brand Ambassador of weDevs Nepal Chapter”

  1. Farrukh Hassan Avatar
    Farrukh Hassan

    Great job Kafle! I will be amazed to get help regarding weDev products in near

    1. Kafle G Avatar

      Thank you so much bro!

  2. Bijay Yadav Avatar

    Congratulations bro!
    We can sit and talk for the possible coloration.

    1. Kafle G Avatar

      Thank you bro! Yes, I am ready.

  3. Ramesh Khanal Avatar

    wow congratulations bro. Thank you for representing Nepal to the world.

    1. Kafle G Avatar
  4. Dipen Dahal Avatar

    Congratulations, I am running thememiles, we can have some possible collaboration in near future. I will contact you.

    1. Kafle G Avatar

      Thank you so much. Definitely, we can talk about possible collaboration.

  5. Prithu Avatar

    Congratulations! Looking forward for the possible collaboration

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