Contribution day of WordCamp Kathmandu 2018 – Opportunity, Challenges and Achievement

Contribution day of WordCamp Kathmandu 2018 held on 18th March was successfully concluded. Altogether 25 attendees participated in contributing the documentation team specifically. Most of the attendees were fresher – very energetic and enthusiastic. Contributors day was mentored by Me and Miss Prithu Singh Thakuri. Prithu is CEO at https://wpall.club/

This is the first I became a speaker in WordCamp Kathmandu. I was present in the WordCamp Kathmandu as an attendee on the first day and as a mentor/speaker on the second day. It was a great achievement for. I had an experience of leading Theme Review team in WordCamp Tokyo 2017 but in Documentation, this was my first time and it as a grand success.

Docs Team WCKTM2018

Importance of Contribution – Specially in Documentation

The workshop started highlighting the importance of contribution, why giving back to the community is so important and how the one can contribute to the documentation. We make the participants understand how a strong documentation helps users and developers.

Process of Contribution

After highlighting the need and impact of contributing to the documentation, we move to process. The steps of contributing the WordPress documentation.

To keep all the participants connected and updated about what’s going on in WordPress documentation, all the participants were asked to join the slack #docs channel.

Then they were sent to Trello. We explained to them how the documentation teamwork in Trello.

Since many participants were fresher, we registered them in wordpress.org as well.

We were pleased to see the interest of those participants to contribute the WordPress documentation as per their skill level. This was an achievement in itself.

Besides, we make them understand user documentation, developer documentation, how it helps to broaden the WordPress knowledge and how the one can specifically contribute to it across their level of skill. This day led us to have a strong hope to see more documenter contributing WordPress documentation.

I would like to thanks to all the participants, event sponsors and organizing the team of WordCamp Kathmandu 2018. With a hope that these passionate participants will continue contributing to the community and a promise to gather more contributors in upcoming meetups – the contributor day concluded.

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