Hactoberfest Swags Package

I received my Hactoberfest SWAGS 2021!

Today, I received Hactoberfest swags. Hactoberfest is a month-long event organized by DigitalOcean to support open-source projects. Developers from different level skills can give their time and contribute in open-source.

I was one of the contributors among 141,000 participants in Hactoberfest 2021. I have been contributing to WordPress open-source projects for a long. But, this was the first time I participated in Hactoberfest and deserved to receive swags.

You can also take part in Hactoberfest and contribute to open-source projects. You can save the date for October and then you will have a full month to contribute.

Hactoberfest Swags

I received a very nice t-shirt, stickers, and cards. I will wear this t-shirt in open-source events like WordCamps and WordPress meetups.

I am looking forward to Hactoberfest 2022. Hey October, come soon!

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