Rank Math 3 Years

3 years at Rank Math/One.com Family

Early morning on Friday, I got a congratulations message from Nabyasha Singh(HR Manager) about my 3 years completion in the Rank Math/One.com family. I was surprised by how fast the time went.

Reflecting on the past, I’m deeply thankful for the wonderful chances I’ve been given and truly fortunate to be a member of such an exceptional organization.

With the support of Rank Math, I’m able to dive without any hesitation into open-source contributions, mainly WordPress. I’m able to work full time for WordPress, reviewing themes, patterns, and photos. In addition to that, I can motivate others by running podcasts and webinars, it’s all possible because of the support that I’m getting from Rank Math.

During this time, I achieved the proud milestone of completing 5000 theme reviews. Additionally, I actively organized and participated in numerous national and international WordCamps and meetups.

After dedicating nearly a decade to voluntary work, I found myself quite drained. However, with the support of Rank Math, I regained my energy and enthusiasm, driving me to work even harder and make significant contributions to the WordPress project.

As I gaze into the future, I’m filled with enthusiasm for the fresh challenges and possibilities that lie ahead at Rank Math. With a strong sense of confidence and readiness, I’m poised to tackle any hurdles, reassured by the unwavering support of our remarkable team.

I’m immensely thankful for the opportunities I’ve experienced here, and I eagerly anticipate what the coming years will unfold.

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